Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ohh The Joy Of....

ICE CREAM :) (well gelato, but pretty close!)

So my sisters are coming this Friday and I have started the countdown! Seeming as though I have only been here for a few weeks, and a couple of those have been within the walls of the apt unpacking boxes and another week scurrying with the Mission Team I decided today I better start scoping out fun places to take the dynamic duo. So it started with an article in the InForum news on the new Clock Tower Cafe. Within walking distance of the apt, I thought lets give it a shot.

I must admit, my grilled panini was nothing to write home about, BUT good thing I rounded the meal off with some umm umm goodness--caramel cafe chip gelato. Chocolate chips, Caramel, and Coffee all mixed with some nice cream. And man was it good!! Definitely one of my new fav stops for dessert so Amy and Carla--get ready, cause here we come...

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  1. I'm ready, darlin '. And so stinkin' excited to see you!